Friday, March 24, 2017

1MDB bomb that blew up on the protoon instead

When anyone resort to spin, or deceptive cheap headline, or fake news and false fact or preposterous accusation (as Tun Mahathir is doing now) or argue incessantly, it simply mean they have NO CASE.

It is the same message the propaganda team and cybertroopers of Dato Najib should know.

Two days ago, Matthias Chang tried to viral a dramatic message that a nuclear momb will explode on Dato Najib.

It was no nuclear bomb but him delivering a 40 minute sermon like a womanising TV evangelical Minister deceiving public for donation in a Sunday morning TV show.

It was comedic and impossible to be taken seriously when he mentioned:
"Facts will be out in cyberspace soon. Beyond my control."

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Infiltration inside PMO

In Sabah, Dato Seri Shafie Apdal is going around his targeted constituencies.

His political rally is particularly lavish. It is more lavish than any BN political rally in Semenanjung.

The custom with Shafie at political rallies and constituency visits is to give away money.

At the end of his speeches, one has to clear out or get crush by the maddening crowd rushing for the RM50 or RM100 note he distributes.

Although the only project he brought to Semporna was a fish "tukun" project, it was the way he learned from one of his father-in-laws to get popular.

These days, Parti Warisan Sabah gets the crowd by holding lucky draws giving away car or motorcycles.

Political rallies are held in air conditioned tents to cool the crowd before they try to fire them up.

The people he promote was instructed to give away their own "BR1M". MACC or EC should keep an eye out.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Istana request no apology, but court judge MAIS wrong

Pursuing to this blog's posting here and here on MAIS issue with several parties including Banks, Rockybru wrote in an update posting here that:
... MAIS demanded that the bloggers apologize to the Selangor Sultan in writing, within 24 hours, or it would sue. The Istana, for the record, made no such demands of me.
As far as MAIS denial on the allegation of throwing the name of Sultan, it is taken on good faith.

However, without a formal request from the Istana, MAIS demand on bloggers to apologise to the Sultan came out looking rather odd in view of their denial.

More so, it is beyond the financial means of bloggers seldom slandered as receiving "chicken feed" to spend money to advertise in mainstream newspapers.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Diverting corruption money into political war chest

In politics, a war chest is funding obtained from donors well in advance of a campaign, usually accumulated by an incumbent for either re-election or to contest a more advanced office, or provided by a wealthy candidate to their own campaign. The possession of such excess funds may discourage otherwise viable candidates from a primary or general election challenge. - Wikipedia
Underlying the 1MDB issue being propagated by DAP and Tun Dr Mahathir is the issue of political funding.

Before the last general election, Mahathir had a meeting with the IPP owners in Buenos Aires and they were complaining of 1MDB nationalising IPP.

When 1MDB invited Mahathir to launch a CSR for the fishermen of Langkawi for GE13, he turned it down and grumbled as to why nationalise after the trouble to privatise.

So it has to be more than mere issue with policy.

During the last GE, too few and too little of Mahathir's corporate cronies donated to the BN political war chest.

The intention was to tell Dato Najib that "you can be President but I am still in control of UMNO war chest".

Mahathir passed to Pak Lah only enough money for the 10th GE but UMNO assets were not transferred to Pak Lah.

Friday, March 17, 2017

D-day for Nor Yakcop, Who gave him the go ahead?

  • Was the forex "gambling" loss by Bank Negara Malaysia announced in 1993 linked to the attack on the ringgit which Tun Dr Mahathir blame on George Soros?
  • Was there any manipulations of BNM's account by government and bank officials then?
Those are among the questions asked in this blog's posting on February 24th 2017 here.

There are many more in the posting and the various links. And, the questions and information on the humongous loss, as claimed by former BNM Adviser, Dato Abdul Murad Khalid, of USD10 billion does not end there.

Still few more being held back.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nervous in Damansara [Up-dated]

The Mrs is due to be in the op room to confirm possible blockage found in her CT scan.

The cardiologist said it may or may not be a blockage. However, an angiogram needed to confirm.

She is already in. We are sitting in the waiting room feeling rather nervous. Good to have two elderly Indian ladies giving comforting words.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is a Bank Director linked to organised crime, international money laundering?

Yesterday, MACC striked again.

This time it is 12 enforcement officials into Azmin-territory in Selangor for corruption involving massage parlours. The arrested officials are policemen, local council, dan bomba including two police inspectors.

[For an inkling on how bomba can be corrupted and cause trouble to the system, read here].

The Mole reported here that:
"The suspects were believed to have received between RM300 and RM10,000 for every massage parlour. The agency also seized RM25,000 from the home and office of one of the inspectors."
It could be part of the reaction to allegation protection were given to Along Taman that beat up on an innocent lorry driver.

However, the latest raids and the one on Tan Sris and Dato Seri seem to indicate the current wave by enforcement officials is to pursue organised crime and big time money laundering operations.

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